Smart Power
Meter Switch

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Our Decentralized Physical Interface Network (DePIN)

In a world increasingly focused on environmental sustainability, EAAS.GLOBAL is proud to unveil a groundbreaking solution poised to revolutionize the green energy landscape.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting:

Energy production and consumption data is accurately captured and provided to the EAAS.GLOBAL platform for immediate scoring and further reward.

Tamper-proof Data

Improves the integrity of the data used for calculating rewards, ensuring that all reported figures are manipulation-free, accurate, and reflect real-world impact.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to work with any renewable energy setup, facilitating widespread adoption and seamless integration into various energy systems.



POW Origin/Elite is a DIY smart switch with power monitoring, which can monitor the current, voltage, power and cumulative power consumption of household appliances in real time.

Remote Control

Power Metering

Over-load protection

Shared Control

Inching Mode

Voice Control

Timer Schedule

LAN Control

Smart Scene

Screen Display (POW Elite)


Cash in on going green!

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